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appalachian split rail fence

Appalachian Split Rail Fence – Zarephath Christian Church

This is an Appalachian Split Rail Fence installed on a commercial property  in Somerset, NJ.    Appalachian split rail posts (aka “half-round”) are pressure treated yellow pine with one rounded face.  This is a cleaner, more consistent alternative to the more rustic locust split rail post that we typically use.  The rails are pressure treated poplar.  These rails are less prone to warping, splitting, rotting,  and mold/fungus issues than any other type of rail.

This Appalachian Split Rail Fence was constructed  for the new Zarephath Christian Church Ministry Center in Somerset, NJ.  Check out the other fence project, Tru-Fence did for Zarephath Christian Church here.

commercial dumpster enclosure

Commercial Dumpster Enclosure

Here is a six (6) foot high commercial dumpster enclosure, constructed by Tru-Fence.  The sides are constructed from western red cedar.  The gates are industrial-grade chain link, with brown mesh and privacy slats.

The enclosure was custom-built for the new Zarephath Christian Church Ministry Center in Somerset, NJ.

For enclosures of this size, we typically use this type of chain link gates, because wood gates are cumbersome, and unreliable, due to their excessive weight.  Feel free to contact Tru-Fence, to discuss the best type of fence for your project.

Garden Fence - Hopewell - Belle Mead

Garden Fence – Hopewell – Belle Mead, NJ

Here is a Garden Fence used for deer control.  It is an 8 ft high, high-tensile woven wire fence, installed on round, pressure treated posts.   This fence is effective for deer control and for keeping out other garden pests.  It is a durable fence that is designed to last for decades.  It is perfect for small backyard residential gardens, as well as larger commercial farms, nurseries, vineyards, and tree farms.

This garden fence is in the Hopewell, Belle Mead, Princeton, Skillman, Montgomery Township area of NJ.

solid cedar privacy fence - piscataway nj

Solid Cedar Privacy Fence – Piscataway, NJ

Here is a solid cedar privacy fence – Piscataway, NJ.   This is a custom built cedar fence, built with all Western Red Cedar components, assembled on-site, with all stainless steel nails.  This cedar privacy fence – Piscataway, has  1 x 6 dog-eared  boards on 2 x 3 stringers.   It has 4 x 4 posts that are set in a minimum of 32 inches deep of solid concrete footings (average of 120 lbs of concrete per post).   This fence  is extremely versatile.  It is effective for privacy, security, dog and pet containment, child safety, deer control, and is pool code compliant.

Vinyl Fence Installation in Piscataway NJ

Two-Tone PVC Fence Installation in Piscataway NJ

Here is our latest fence installation in Piscataway NJ.  Keith and his fence company, Tru-Fence,  built this Two Toned PVC Privacy Fence on site in Piscataway in the summer of 2014.  It is a white PVC (Vinyl) Fence, with tan tongue and groove panels.

This two-tone PVC fence coordinates well with the color scheme of the house. If you didn’t know any better, you would think this two-tone PVC fence was built when the house was built. If you want the low maintenance of PVC fence but don’t want to be looking at a white wall, two-tone PVC fence might be right for you.

If you are in Piscataway or the surrounding area and are looking for a fence company that is committed to building you a fence that looks good and lasts for years to come, make sure you give Keith at Tru-Fence a call at (908) 566-5640.

how to expedite your fence repair  estimate

How to Expedite your Fence Repair Estimate

This post was originally written as Hurricane Sandy was approaching our area in Somerset, NJ, but the information is really useful for any major storm.  Bad hurricanes and superstorms seem to be much more common nowadays. Here are some useful tips on how to expedite your fence repair estimate, so that you can get your fence fixed as soon as possible. 

As of the time of this posting, the worst of Hurricane Sandy has not even hit our area, yet many are already feeling it’s effects with the loss of power and damaged fences.  Since Hurricane Sandy is a record breaking storm with heavy rain and severe wind, their will most likely be widespread power outages and fence damage, from fallen trees.

Power companies, contractors, and insurance companies are going to be swamped, so here is a list of things to help you get the ball rolling on your fence repair as soon as possible.

Take Pictures

If a tree has fallen on your fence, the weight of it can do more damage over time, or block some of the damage, therefore an exact estimate cannot always be given without seeing the fence in person.

But many times, an estimate or a worst case scenario estimate can be given by emailing pictures of the fence damage.

Fallen trees can be dangerous.  Do not try to climb on the tree to get a better picture.  Do not put yourself in danger to get a good picture.  Stand back and use your zoom if needed.

Here are the pictures you need:

  • a picture of the entire damaged area – far back so you can see extent of the damage.  A picture from both sides would be helpful, especially if you have a wood fence.
  • a closer up picture of the actual damage
  • a close up picture of a good section of fence

Email us the pictures and any other additional information that you have about the fence, like:

  • height of the fence
  • other specifications
  • the manufacturer of the fence if you know it

The sooner you email us the pictures and information, the sooner you can get an estimate, the higher you are on the list, and the sooner you will get your repair done.

Home owners Insurance and Fence Repair:

Remember, it might not be possible for a complete estimate without seeing the fence damage in person, however Tru-Fence can give you a worst scenario estimate, so that you can start submitting a claim to your insurance company.  Of course, if your fence damage ends up being less than the worst case scenario estimage, Tru-Fence, would charge you the lesser amount.

If a tree has fallen on your fence, Tru-Fence can help you make calls to reliable tree removal services.

Insurance companies vary:

  • some insurance companies will send you your checks right away, some make you wait several weeks. In a situation like this, where there is widespread damage across the whole state, insurance companies are going to be backed up, so it will most likely take longer than usual.
  • home owner’s insurance companies vary. Some companies go through the owner of the tree that fell, and some go through the owner of the fence.
  • take pictures for insurance anyway they may or may not send someone out to look at your fence
  • it’s likely that you will have to get more than 1 estimate for your insurance company (sometimes this can be tough, because not all fence guys do repairs) every insurance company is different.  If you do need another estimate, we have good relationships with other reliable fence companies that may be able to provide you an estimate

Thanks for the image Fence Specialists

First of all, don’t let the “custom” part scare you.  It doesn’t mean expensive – just that it’s built for you, to fit the exact dimensions and contours of your property.   See the construction process in the photos, below…  The pre-manufactured fence panels that most other companies install simply can’t achieve this degree of fit & finish – even where complicated property features are involved.

Also, since our cedar fences are crafted entirely on-site, from the ground up, we have total control over the quality of every single component, from posts to pickets, to using only stainless steel nails.  A fence built with pre-manufactured panels can’t compare to quality the quality that we achieve by building on-site.

There are also aesthetic benefits to a custom-built fence, like uniform post spacing and unlimited style options (custom picket/board spacing; choice of picket profiles, concave/scalloped, convex, lattice or spindle tops, etc).  Grade changes and transitions will appear smooth and natural rather than abrupt or choppy (this not only looks better, but reduces those large gaps between the ground and the bottom of your fence, which means critters (wild & domestic) will have a much harder time getting under your fence). The use of stainless steel nails eliminates those rust-streaks that always occur on fences of lesser quality.

We use cedar for all above-ground custom fence components, because it is the best available choice for wood fencing.  Cedar is not treated in any way.  It naturally contains resins and oils that make it resistant to rotting and insect damage.  It is also a lightweight and very stable wood, and is not prone to warping or cracking.  For these reasons, cedar has been the choice material for wood fencing, for ages.  A properly constructed cedar fence can last up to 20 years or more, and requires no maintenance at all.  Staining the fence is optional and purely cosmetic – it will not make a quality cedar fence last longer.

At Tru-Fence, we go out of our way to make sure that your fence is a perfect fit for your property, needs and preferences.

In the case of this project, the customer needed a fence that would have great ‘curb appeal,’ and more importantly, keep their grandchildren out of the street.  The customers & I agreed that a 3′ high fence might be a bit too low, from a safety standpoint.  But a 4′ high fence seemed too high, aesthetically.

In addition, since this is a cul-de-sac property, a portion of the fence had to be installed on a radius, following the curve of the sidewalk.  In the standard 8′ wide sections, we felt that the fence would appear ‘choppy’.

Because of our relationship with a local, top-quality PVC manufacturer, we were able to have this fence specially fabricated to specifications fitting the unique needs of our customer – in this case, 6′ wide sections at a height of 42 inches.

Sure, this made a lot more work for us, but at Tru-Fence, we believe that this level of attention to detail is simply part of doing the job right, without compromise.


Here are some progress shots of another garden expansion.  These customers had six large raised beds already, but wanted to add more.  We constructed three new beds (42″ x 16′), fitted with a drip-irrirgation system.  Then we built a new fence to keep out bunnies and ground hogs  To finish it off, we created crushed stone pathways, and a custom cedar pergola, which will soon have kiwi vines growing up it!

The fence is an unusual design – the first of it’s kind I’ve ever built, or seen for that matter..  The posts are treated 4x4s, the top rails are black powder-coated pipe, and the mesh is heavy-weight welded wire mesh.  At Tru-Fence, we’re always up to a creative challenge so we can give you exactly what you want.


Here’s a small area that we fenced in for a customer with a dog.  Split rail is an economical way to contain your dog (it’s good for kids, too).  To make it secure, we add welded wire mesh to the fence.  For dogs, we also recommend a ‘tension wire,’ which is a heavier gauge wire that is stretched tightly along the bottom of the fence to keep the bottom nice and tight.  This discourages dogs from trying to dig or ‘nose’ their way under the fence.

The most secure gates for split rail look like this one, constructed from western red cedar.  The lightweight construction and close-spaced pickets make for an extremely secure and reliable gate.  Beware of the gates that match the split rail fence, as these are excessively heavy and notoriously unreliable.


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