First of all, don’t let the “custom” part scare you.  It doesn’t mean expensive – just that it’s built for you, to fit the exact dimensions and contours of your property.   See the construction process in the photos, below…  The pre-manufactured fence panels that most other companies install simply can’t achieve this degree of fit & finish – even where complicated property features are involved.

Also, since our cedar fences are crafted entirely on-site, from the ground up, we have total control over the quality of every single component, from posts to pickets, to using only stainless steel nails.  A fence built with pre-manufactured panels can’t compare to quality the quality that we achieve by building on-site.

There are also aesthetic benefits to a custom-built fence, like uniform post spacing and unlimited style options (custom picket/board spacing; choice of picket profiles, concave/scalloped, convex, lattice or spindle tops, etc).  Grade changes and transitions will appear smooth and natural rather than abrupt or choppy (this not only looks better, but reduces those large gaps between the ground and the bottom of your fence, which means critters (wild & domestic) will have a much harder time getting under your fence). The use of stainless steel nails eliminates those rust-streaks that always occur on fences of lesser quality.

We use cedar for all above-ground custom fence components, because it is the best available choice for wood fencing.  Cedar is not treated in any way.  It naturally contains resins and oils that make it resistant to rotting and insect damage.  It is also a lightweight and very stable wood, and is not prone to warping or cracking.  For these reasons, cedar has been the choice material for wood fencing, for ages.  A properly constructed cedar fence can last up to 20 years or more, and requires no maintenance at all.  Staining the fence is optional and purely cosmetic – it will not make a quality cedar fence last longer.

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