This is a project I’m just finishing up – a major expansion of an organic vegetable garden.  The old garden included just three beds.  The homeowner had the stone retaining wall built (to replace an old wood retaining wall), then we came in and built the rest of the beds and fencing.

The raised beds are constructed from untreated, rough-cut yellow pine 6x6s.  All garden beds are watered with an automatic drip irrigation system.  The soil is a very rich blend of natural organic soils and compost.  All pathways around and between beds are lined with heavy landscape fabric and covered with 3/8″ river pebbles.

The fence consists of 8′ high, black vinyl-coated 1″x1″ welded wire mesh installed on 2″ diameter brown powder-coated steel posts.  The beauty of this is that the posts blend in with the landscape, and the mesh is practically invisible.  Because of severe chipmunk & squirrel problems on this property, we installed a mesh covering (commercial-grade bird netting) over the entire garden.  The gate is custom-built from western red cedar.


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