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appalachian split rail fence

Appalachian Split Rail Fence – Zarephath Christian Church

This is an Appalachian Split Rail Fence installed on a commercial property  in Somerset, NJ.    Appalachian split rail posts (aka “half-round”) are pressure treated yellow pine with one rounded face.  This is a cleaner, more consistent alternative to the more rustic locust split rail post that we typically use.  The rails are pressure treated poplar.  These rails are less prone to warping, splitting, rotting,  and mold/fungus issues than any other type of rail.

This Appalachian Split Rail Fence was constructed  for the new Zarephath Christian Church Ministry Center in Somerset, NJ.  Check out the other fence project, Tru-Fence did for Zarephath Christian Church here.

solid cedar privacy fence - piscataway nj

Solid Cedar Privacy Fence – Piscataway, NJ

Here is a solid cedar privacy fence – Piscataway, NJ.   This is a custom built cedar fence, built with all Western Red Cedar components, assembled on-site, with all stainless steel nails.  This cedar privacy fence – Piscataway, has  1 x 6 dog-eared  boards on 2 x 3 stringers.   It has 4 x 4 posts that are set in a minimum of 32 inches deep of solid concrete footings (average of 120 lbs of concrete per post).   This fence  is extremely versatile.  It is effective for privacy, security, dog and pet containment, child safety, deer control, and is pool code compliant.

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